Tributaries of the Brazos River arise just across the Texas border in New Mexico.   The river flows across most of the state of Texas, passing Brazos Bend State Park and the City of Brazoria before discharging into the Gulf of Mexico near Quintana Beach south of Freeport.

At 840 miles, the Brazos is the longest river in Texas, draining a watershed of 42,800 square miles. cites it as one of the twelve "major rivers" of North America.

Our house near Brazoria is about a mile from the river, and a couple of miles from the Brazoria Bridge.

Map credit: U.S. Geological Survey, Texas Sites by Basin.


The Brazoria Bridge was constructed in 1939, and is still in use today to carry Texas Highway FM521 across the Brazos River.   The bridge is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The water level of the river varies considerably, depending on upstream precipitation.   Some of the following pictures were taken during a period of high water.

Water level, normal and high.

Nearby abandoned railroad-bridge piling.

Nearby boat ramp.